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In some of our previous posts we told you the importance of car safety for babies. Be aware that is in the car where the child is the most vulnerable, and we all have to work -but specially you, as a mother or father- to protect the babies while they are in a car trip. Don't think that buying a proper car seat for your baby is something secondary or that is has no importance, because is a really serious and important matter. In ASALVO blog we showed you our car seat models, and we gave you advice about how to proper install car seats and other accessories so that you don't make mistakes, and we also talked about safety normatives and standards in Spain.

Today, we are going to show you different items that we recently designed to make your baby's car trips more comfortable and relaxed. These items are not designed to provide more safety during the trip -that's a work for the car seat- but to offer you more functionality and comfort during your car trip.

Rear-view Mirror

This rear view mirror is designed for you to see your kid whenever he is traveling "rear facing" in his car seat. Moms and dads from all around the world love this item. Your child should be traveling "rear-facing" all the time possible as it is demonstrated that it is the safest way for babies to travel by car. So it's very common for moms and dads to buy this rear view mirror when they go to buy the car seat. With this mirror, you can see your baby when he is sitting rear facing and you are traveling alone with him. Safety is very important so we will keep teeling you: a baby car seat can never be placed on the front seat. The only exception is when the car doesn't have back seats. This mirror that we offer you in ASALVO is very wide, with a 45x15cm mirror area, flexible and can rotate 360º so that you can adjust it correctly to your angle of view. In addition, it has a LED light and an easy-to-install system with nylon straps. Installation will be easy in any model of car.

Seatbelt for pregnancy

Even before your baby is born, he has already become the thing you love the most and the center of your life. You protect him since you started feeling him inside you. The ASALVO pregnancy seatbelt helps you use your car's regular 3-point seatbelt, avoiding any pressure and uncomfortableness during your pregnancy. It can be used from the 2nd month of pregnancy until the end of it, and it is very to install and use. With the pregnancy seatbelt, the car seatbelt's lower band stays under your abdomen and it doesn't go up, avoiding pressure on your belly. Car trips will be a lot more comfortable and safer for you and your future baby with this item.

Anti-UVA rays solar protector

In this country with so many sunny hours every year, this anti-UVA protector for the baby's car seat has become one of the best-selling products in ASALVO. It is a reflective cover that reduces heat in the baby's car seat. It reflects UVA rays and doesn't let the temperature become too high. Be aware that your baby's car seat is left inside the car many hours, exposed to direct sunlight and solar radiation. Even though most of cars have air conditioning, a long exposure to direct sunlight and the fact that most baby car seats are dark coloured (black, grey, blue...) makes the temperature on the surface of the baby car seat extremely high. The anti-UVA solar protector's success is that it efficiently avoids over heating on both the fabric and the plastic and metallic parts of the baby car seat. Also, it is very easy to use and it adapts to baby car seats from all sizes and groups thanks to the adjustable elastic.

At ASALVO we always think about you and your baby, and we don't stop adding to our catalogue new items that will make your life easier and more comfortable. If you have doubts about any item for your baby, specially in safety matter, just ask us. The ASALVO team will be happy to help you and answer all the questions you may have about our products.

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