Global Fix group 0/1/2/3


· Group 0,1,2,3 from 0 months to 36 kgs
· 360º swivel seat
· Group 0. Installation in vehicle: top tether and isofix rearward facing.
Baby’s placement: harness and soft cushion
· Group 1: vehicle installation: top tether and isofix rearward facing or forward facing.
Baby’s placement: harness
· Group 2-3: installation in vehicle: isofix and car belt.
Forward facing.
Baby’s placement: belt
· Cervical protection
· Headrest adjustable in height (9 positions)
· 4 positions reclining seat when forward facing
· Removable and washable fabric


Built up: 44cm W. x 49cm H. x 60cm L.
WEIGHT: 8,85 Kg

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