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On the last post, we showed you the features of some of the ASALVO products that are designed to make your baby's car trips safer and more comfortable. Now we want to keep giving you useful information about other of our products that we are sure you are going to love.

Universal reducer

At ASALVO, we love multi-functional products, those that you can use for more than one purpose. This is the reductor cushion, that we have designed for you and that you can use not only in car seats but also in strollers, baby bouncers and highchairs. The ASALVO universal reducer cushion provides a reduction in the head and cervical space as well as in the body and abdominal zone. The headrest can be adjusted in different heights, so that it can be adapted to your baby's grow. It's usual to see babies and kids seated in car seats that are too big for them and this can be very dangerous in case of a car accident, that's why we designed the ASALVO universal reducer: it makes your baby's body fit better into the car seat. In addition, the reducer is reversible. It has a warmer fabric for the colder months and a lighter breathable fabric on the other side, for the warmer months.

Car seat protector

Just like all the other items we are showing you in this post, the ASALVO car seat protector is very easy to install and has an universal size, it fits all models and types of car seats. It is basically an integral seat protector that prevents stains and scratches in both the seat and the backrest. It is made with waterproof textile to avoid liquids spilling and staining your car. In addition, it has pockets on the lower side so that you can put there any items your baby may need during the trip. Also, this car seat protector works with or without a baby car seat, and both with seatbelt or isofix system. Your car will be protected against stains and scratches at all times!

Car seat Organizer

We know that you are a functional person, so we want to show you this item, the Car seat organizer, that lets you store all the items you and your baby may need during car trips. It is important to avoid any loose item inside the car because in the case of an accident it can cause an injury; With our car seat organizer all the objects you have inside your car will be properly stored and organized. You can install the car seat organizer in the back of the front seats, or in the backrest of any seat of your car. The car seat organizer also includes a removable tablet/Ipad support. Made with strong and durable materials, the car seat organizer is very easy to install and clean, and fits in all types of car seats.

Roll-up sunshade

We have lots of sunny hours in our country, so the use of car sunshades is becoming really popular. The ASALVO roll-up sunshade will protect your baby against the sun and UV rays, and it provides shade to the inside of the car, which makes the temperature lower. It is very easy to install, just stick it to the window with its suction cups. When you don't need the shade anymore, you can just push the button that rolls up the sunshade quickly, making the product very small and compact. It's a very easy system that you can also use in the windows of your home, not only the ones in your car.

We wanted to show you all these practical items for your car because we care about your baby's safety and comfort during car trips. We are sure that our products will be very useful for you! At Asalvo, we care about you and your baby!

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