You’re doing a great job.

We believe in real families

We like real families, whatever they are, because nothing reflects the love of a family better than a real family. For us, all families are perfect because they are yours, without stereotypes, without complexes, without artifice, without marketing.

Safety and quality are essential

Our products are ALWAYS designed and manufactured to offer maximum safety. We invest all the resources so that your child is safe. For us, the safety of your family is above all else, which is why all our products are approved and tested according to the most demanding international regulations.

We take care of your family like we take care of ours

We are fathers and mothers like you, and we do everything thinking about the well-being of the babies and the peace of mind of those who care for them.

The most expensive is not always the best

Pay for what you really want, without artifices or add-ons, without giving up anything that matters.

Asalvo products are sold in more than 60 countries. We manufacture excellent products that most people like, requiring large production volumes, which reduces the price of raw materials. In addition, we have optimized the packaging to take up minimal space and thus manage to reduce storage and transportation costs. All of this allows us to offer products at a lower price, and allows us to invest in technology to offer maximum security and functionality. At Asalvo we have always defended that safety is a child's right and that it should not be within the reach of a few.

We design for real life

We study our products to always achieve maximum functionality, that they have all the features you need in your daily life and that they make you happier when you use them.

We want to be part of your life

In your house, in your car, when you walk down the street. You spend a lot of time with our products, that's why we design them to be attractive and have the image and style you are looking for for you and your home, in timeless colors and designs that never go out of style.

Always the most modern technology and the most current advances

We take care of what matters most, which is why research and the constant improvement of our techniques and processes are essential for us to achieve products that continue to be part of your life for many years. And so that when you no longer need them you can give it a second use with a family member or friend.