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  • Directora Financiera

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We are one of the main companies in the childcare sector in Spain with an international presence.

We have more than a decade of experience manufacturing products that are intended for children in their early childhood.

Our main objective is to create products of the highest quality and safety at an unbeatable price. Provide comfort and innovation, functionality and technology.

Our goal: to get calm parents and happy babies.


In 2018 we opened new facilities, 16,000 m2 of logistics warehouse and offices.

The office and office area, open-plan and very bright, allows us to carry out our daily activities in a very comfortable way. In the rest area, with table football included, we can enjoy those moments of disconnection that we all need to continue giving our 100 × 100.

The logistics center is equipped with the latest technology to improve the organization and preparation of orders to improve our customer service.



Thanks to the important work carried out by our export department, our products reach more homes in different parts of the planet every day.

This expansion is also due to the fact that Asalvo is a protagonist in the most important international and national fairs in the childcare sector that are held every year.

For more information about our products, distributors or international points of sale, you can contact the export team by email at


Asalvo was born to create a series of products that meet the needs of the smallest of the house. For this reason it is dedicated to the "Wholesale of childcare products"

We work to offer our clients a complete range of products and good service. Ultimately, our mission is to offer a safer and more comfortable life for children and a calmer life for their parents.

The references in our catalog have been studied and chosen by a team of professionals (pediatricians, midwives, engineers, ...) who work with total dedication, hoping that our clients will find what they are looking for in terms of quality and safety.

Our quality policy is based on satisfying the needs of our clients, meeting their requirements and trying to exceed their expectations. For this, the Management of Estar ASALVO, S.L. is aware that it is essential to have competent personnel, trained and involved in the achievement of its objectives and committed to the organization and therefore to our clients.

As fundamental objectives of our quality system we can mention the following:

Continuous improvement of the quality management system itself through the collection and analysis of data to identify areas for improvement.

Compliance with current legal regulations applicable to all activities of the company.

The involvement of own and subcontracted personnel, orienting their activity towards customer satisfaction.

To achieve the above objectives, the Management of Estar ASALVO, S.L. undertakes to promote the following actions:

Consider customer satisfaction as the fundamental objective of all activities.

Establish quality objectives and goals consistent with the purposes of the organization and reviewable at least annually.

Disseminate and disseminate both the quality policy and the needs of the clients, so that everyone knows their role in this regard.

Plan and develop actions aimed at reducing the costs of non-quality and improving productivity.

The Management assumes the responsibility that the necessary resources are available to carry out the aforementioned activities and expects that all personnel, whatever their function and job position, share this commitment to quality, strictly complying with the established guidelines. throughout the Quality System.

The Quality Management System of Estar ASALVO, S.L. It is based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.


At Asalvo we have channeled our professions, studies and our daily dedication to improve the products on the market that are intended for children in their early childhood. If you want to join our team, send your CV to


Asalvo allocates part of the profit from the sale of its products to actively collaborate with prestigious national NGOs to help eradicate hunger, misery and diseases of the world's children.