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Each stroller is different, and if you expect your baby to use his stroller until he doesn't need it anymore, you will be looking for something versatile, durable and comfortable. You need your stroller to be able to keep up with you and your baby in every walk an travel, through the city, on holidays or in the nature. You want a stroller that doesn't occupy a lot of space when it's not needed, but you also want yur baby to be very comfortable while he uses it.

For all the parents that look for comfort with functionality, we present to you our TWO+2 Convertible Stroller!

What's a convertible stroller?

A convertible stroller is the perfect option if you want functionality: the seat can turn into a carrycot, so you have both seat and carrycot in only one piece. This way you save space at home, and your baby can use the carrycot in his first months of life and then keep using the seat. In addition, this Stroller includes the Group 0 car seat, that can be used until your baby reaches 85 cm in height, and that can be also used with the stroller's chassis.

What are the advantages of the TWO+2 Stroller?

We present to you a list of the most important features that the TWO+2 offers you:

·         SAVE SPACE: You won't have to think what to do with the carrycot once your baby no longer uses it: in the TWO+2 stroller, the carrycot turns into a Chair seat! Save space at home and also save money, because you will have two items in one.


·         STORE IT WHEREVER YOU WANT: You can fold the TWO+2 stroller easily without having to separate the chair and the chassis. In addition, the folding is super compact and small, so you can store the stroller anywhere and also put it into your car's trunk without any issues.

·         GROWING UP HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER: Carrycot to chair transition can be a difficult moment, but the TWO+2 stroller allows you to change with only one click: from the lying position of the carrycot to the upright position of the seat. The same way, you can go from seat to carrycot again very easily in case your baby falls asleep.

·         THE BEST REST FOR YOUR BABY WITHOUT THE NEEDING OF WAKING HIM UP: If your baby falls asleep in the car, there will be no need of waking him up to put him in the stroller again! You can just pick up the car seat and put it on the stroller's chassis with only one click!

·         ENJOY THE VIEWS: You can change the position of the chair seat of the TWO+2 stroller: your baby can be facing you for a relaxed walk, or he can be facing the views to explore the world

Definitely, the TWO+2 convertible stroller is designed to make your daily life easier, and to make you love all the little moments with your baby, enjoying all the advantages that this great stroller can offer to your family.

If you already have any of our convertible strollers, please share the experience and photos with us! We love to see families enjoying the ASALVO products!

Do you have any doubt or suggestion about our TWO+2 Stroller? Leave a comment or contact us via email and we will be more than happy to help! 

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