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84 x 65 x 80 cm
7,9 kg
From 0 to 6 months


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Bedside Minicot Calm

Illustrated, adjustable in height and foldable

From 0 to 6 months old. Use as a standalone cot or cradle

This is the standard: EN 1130:2019

Folded VERY REDUCED: to keep it anywhere you want

4 WHEELS AND TRANSPORT BAG: to take anywhere

BINDS: to secure it to the bed

Perfect for your baby to sleep in

DISMONDABLE AND WASHABLE TEXTIL: so that it is always as good as new

Height adjustable: in 5 positions

Woven fabrics of cotton, containing predominantly, but < 85% cotton by weight, mixed principally or solely with man-made fibres and weighing > 200 g/m2

EXTENSIONAL PAWS: to adjust the crib to the position of the bed

BALANCE USE: to lift the wheels and use it as a swing

The Small Calm Collie,it will allow you to care for your baby at night, favoring breastfeeding, or having him always by your side, in any room of the house.

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