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Trio Oslo Grey
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Trio Oslo Grey

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  • 3 IN 1The following: It incorporates Hamaca, Capazo and Group 0. You can incorporate the accessory you need at any time. You will have group 0 to travel in the car with the baby during the first months of life.
  • EXTRA LARGE PADDED HOODThe following: Its extra-large design is designed to protect your little one as much as possible from the sun and wind. Incorporate a window into the area so you can see it and be calm at all times. It also comes with a back pocket where you can put everything you need.
  • SIMPLE WASHINGThe following: It's completely washable in the washing machine. It will not need to be hand-brushed, saving time and making it easier to wash.
  • 0 TO 7 YEARSThe following: Our Trio chair will accompany you for a long time. Since your child will be able to use the stroller until he is about 7 years old (supports perfectly up to 22 kilos of weight)
  • SAFE AND ADJUSTABLEThe following: For the greater safety and comfort of your child, reducers have been incorporated into both the Stroller and the Group 0 to increase safety.
  • SINGLE FOLDING WITH SAFETY LOCKThe following: You'll be able to fold and unfold it with little effort and in seconds. It also includes a safety lock system to prevent it from opening once folded.
Car Seat Austen 2 I-Size...
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Car Seat Austen 2 I-Size from 40 to 150cm Black

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For children from 40 to 150 cm in height. It offers a safe installation with the Isofix system and top tether, providing peace of mind to parents. This 360º swivel seat allows exceptional versatility, and its counter-marching capability up to 76cm ensures optimum safety. With four recline positions, a height-adjustable headrest and removable and washable fabric, this product combines comfort and protection in a unique design. High-strength EPP foam and side-impact protection provide additional safety, and the rear ventilation system ensures that your little one rides in comfort at all times.

Picky stroller
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Picky stroller

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The Picky Stroller is comfortable and reliable. Very strong and light thanks to the steel chassis. Highly manoeuvrable, with enclosed handlebars and folded and unfolded with one hand.

Bedside Minicot Calm

Bedside Minicot Calm

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Illustrated, adjustable in height and foldable

From 0 to 6 months old. Use as a standalone cot or cradle

This is the standard: EN 1130:2019

Folded VERY REDUCED: to keep it anywhere you want

4 WHEELS AND TRANSPORT BAG: to take anywhere

BINDS: to secure it to the bed

Perfect for your baby to sleep in

DISMONDABLE AND WASHABLE TEXTIL: so that it is always as good as new

Height adjustable: in 5 positions

Woven fabrics of cotton, containing predominantly, but < 85% cotton by weight, mixed principally or solely with man-made fibres and weighing > 200 g/m2

EXTENSIONAL PAWS: to adjust the crib to the position of the bed

BALANCE USE: to lift the wheels and use it as a swing

The Small Calm Collie,it will allow you to care for your baby at night, favoring breastfeeding, or having him always by your side, in any room of the house.