Asalvo's diaper container is inexpensive as it does not use expensive special bags (refill cassettes). It works with regular garbage bags.

Eliminates odor and bacteria thanks to its system of three hermetic closures. Keep a fresh environment in your bathroom thanks to this product.

Its functioning is easy and very comfortable. All you have to do is place the diaper in the mouth of the container and turn the handle.

You only need one hand to use the container. Safe and accurate to use.

Available in three sizes with different load capacities.

Regular: 40x28x56 cm. (30 diapers approx.)

Medium: 41.5x30x72 cm (50 diapers approx.)

Large: 46.5x32x92 cm (75 diapers approx.)


Data sheet

LARGE 46,5x32x92cm MEDIUM 41,5x30x72cm REGULAR 40x28x56cm
LARGE 46.5x32x92cm
LARGE 75 Diapers Aprox. MEDIUM 50 Diapers Aprox. REGULAR 30 Diapers Aprox.
LARGE 75 diapers approx.
MEDIUM 50 diapers approx.
REGULAR 30 diapers approx.

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